Black handflower with black onyx beads, anodized aluminum, adjustable wrist

Black handflower with black onyx beads, anodized aluminum, adjustable wrist

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This black handflower has a chainmaille wrist bracelet made from jewelry-grade anodized aluminum rings in European 4-1 weave, and jewelry-grade anodized aluminum curb chain over the back of the hand. Black onyx beads on black iron eye pins decorate the handflower, and a chain goes around the middle finger while another chain goes around the thumb. Fastens around the wrist at adjustable lengths with a choice of black stainless steel lobster clasp or black anodized niobium hook clasp. The handflower is reversable, so you can wear it on the left or right hand while still using the thumb chain.

All materials are labeled nickel-free by the suppliers.


Wrist: 5.5inch-8inch / 140mm-203mm adjustable

Hand: 4inL x 5inW (bottom) 3inW (middle) / 110mmL x 115mmW (bottom) x 80mmW (middle)

Finger chain: 4in / 100mm

Thumb chain: 5.5inch / 140mm


The curb chain has silver (un-adodized) spots on the corners of the links; this is due to the adodizing method used, and makes the chain sparkly. This cannot be changed, so please be sure you are ok with the silver spots before buying.

The clasp options are Black Stainless steel lobster clasp, or black anodized Niobium hook clasp. The Niobium hook is easier to clasp one-handed, the lobster is considered more secure (will not slip and unclasp), but the hook clasp is folded on the end which also helps keep it hooked to the chain. The hook is also a lighter shade in color (a very dark grey which is almost black) and not shiny, while the lobster is a shiny black that matches the chainmaille. The best way to wear the handflower is with the wrist fairly snug (but not too tight) to allow comfortable wrist movement without slipping around. It can be worn looser if preferred, just watch for the chain catching on things.

Store away from moisture and direct sunlight. Do not wear while swimming, bathing, working with animals or machinery, or participating in rough activities such as sports.

Clean by soaking in water with a drop or two of blue liquid dish soap (the kind with no scents or lotions added) for a few minutes and then rinse and pat dry.